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About Fallon

Hey, it’s me, Fallon! I’m a 6-legged magical zebra with wings. Not many people know that about me, so let’s keep it under our hats for now, okay? Thanks. ūüôā

I have played around with Photoshop for a long time. From time to time over the past few years, I posted to Facebook a picture or two I had made. I never thought much of it until many friends began to encourage me to do something with my images. I had not even thought of what I was creating as art; it was just something I enjoyed doing. With the encouragement of those friends, I took part in a local art show and I sold four pieces!

One thing that stood out about that¬†first exhibit was a man just casually asking me how long I’ve been good at Photoshop. It took me aback. I paused, took a few steps back, and saw so many large, framed, vibrant images in front of me. I was kind of amazed, and it slowly hit me as I thought to myself, “Hey, you know what, I’m pretty good at Photoshop!” I’ve been excited about continuing to advance my skills in art ever since.

About My ArtPaintbrush Icon design

My artwork is created using many different techniques, including hand drawings, watercolor, acrylic painting, digital painting and illustration, photography and photo manipulation, and more. I then combine one or more of these techniques by digitally scanning any hand-created work, and then compositing images and illustrations into a finished piece.

The end result is a high-quality print reproduction that uses archival grade inks and papers that will last. Every design is a limited run and no more than 250 of any design will ever be reproduced. I hand sign and hand number every reproduction for authenticity and to increase the value of the pieces for collectors and art enthusiasts.

Most custom pieces that are commissioned by clients are truly one-of-a-kind and not for sale to the public. These works are typically created as a gift for the client to give to a loved one to give a truly unique gift to a truly unique person and relationship.

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About My Design WorkLogo Design Icon

I have years of¬†experience in branding and business identity development. Whether you need something as simple as a business card design, a logo, or even a whole new look; I’m ready to get it done efficiently and beautifully. Your logo, advertising materials, and correspondence are your first line of communication with potential customers, so it needs to represent your company in a sophisticated, simple, and memorable way. That’s where I can help your visual impact really shine and instill a confidence and trust in a potential client that will put them at ease and also give them the confidence to approach you and your service and products, whether that’s the home page of your website or the front door of your brick and mortar shop.

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Thanks so very much and enjoy my wishes for happiness and health to you and those you care for!