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Current Project

This is a sample of a work in progress. There’s still a lot of work to do on cleanup, shading, lighting, and composition, but the main concept of the composition can be seen.

Click the image below to see it at the 25% of its original size.

25% of actual size – “Seeking (Working Title)”


30% actual size – Boy and pets


I’m working on a dragon that will peer out of its cave.

50% actual size – Top of cliff


This is actual size. You can see that there’s a lot of very clear detail in a finished piece.

Actual size – Dog and trunk


This shows that there’s still a long way to go. The shadow of the hole showing the gauges needs to be darkened and deepened to make the contrast make it look more realistically like there’s machinery inside part of the turtle. The octopus tattoo needs to be moved to make it more clear what it is; or maybe I’ll remove it. The grass looks like it’s under the turtle’s shell, so I need to make some grass overlay the right side of the crack in the turtle’s shell, so that it looks like it’s actually growing out of the crack. I’ll work more on the shadows and shading of the bracket at the top right for added realism. I’ll also increase the sharpness of the grooves in the turtle’s shell to make it match the rest of the elements in the image.

50% actual size – Gauges


This part still needs some shadow under her brush, some contrast in her skin, hair, and shirt, as well as some sharpness in the paint on the shell. I’ll also tweak the angle and perspective of the anchor tattoo to match the shell better. So many details need attention. I want everything to be as cohesive as possible to pull off the final illusion when the piece is complete. It’s the difference between an image that is “kinda neat” and a piece of art that is “magical”.

50% actual size – Girl painting shell


25% actual size – Moon and flares


This image is only 50% the size of the actual image. You can see that detail and clarity are important to me.

50% actual size – Topiary


And I try to find the perfect elements and blend them well to get just the right feeling and result. And in many cases, if I can’t find the right elements, I’ll just create my own. You can tell that isn’t the turtle’s original eye, and I think the shading, shape, and color really bring a different sort of personality and life to this character.

25% actual size – Turtle head